Friday, July 13

It's Shimmer time!

Long time no see, I know... I have been away on holiday and came back from France with an amazing mixture of products! It was my Bday you see, and my family offered me a lot of products. I am sharing here my Gucci treat and various sparkly and shimmery products that I use to lighten up this summer, which is not sunny enough for my taste. 
i.e. see for yourself: 

Depressing right? So forget about the weather and follow me on my sunny journey!
Let's fool the clouds...

It's Shimmer Time!

I start with this amazing Sephora topcoat, which will illuminate and transform any of your nail polish. It's a final sparkle shower on your nails, which gives a sunny upgrade to your favourite nail polish.

Now, the Shimmery Shimmy!
I find that I feel more positive when my skin is shimmering for some reason and with this weather let me tell you that I have been using the shimmer A LOT.

I started with the Beautifying oil from the Body shop. It's a dry oil for body, face and hair.

It smells delicious (I have the Shea/karite version) I used it a lot but soon realised that it did not shimmer that much, in stead, your skin looks like you are wearing a light sun oil and that the effect last up to 3 hours. I think it is a good product to use on a sunny day but I would recommend to only apply it on the arms and legs as it can look a bit oily and feel sticky on the face and chest.

So this product is getting a:

Another Body Shop product, the Coconut Shimmer Body Butter

It 's a shimmery version of the Coconut Body Butter and in my opinion, it smells better than it predecessor. The shimmer is more of a silver tone and lasts for up to six hours. I am more of a gold shimmer person as I think silver does not suit my skin tone so well, so I apply it in very thin layers in order to avoid the SPF 50 sun cream effect.

This product is getting a:

Finally, my favourite so far are the Gucci Guilty Body Souflée Cream and the Chanel Glossimer 141 Maline lip-gloss. 

I got these products as a present so I guess they must be pretty pricy but they are truly worth it. The Souflée Cream is a pleasure to apply, its shimmer is in a gold tone and it smells amazing. Also the perfume and shimmery effect last for about 6 hours. The gloss is a great addition to the shimmery look and it does not feel sticky like most lip-gloss. In stead it feels like a buttery moisturising lip balm.

These products are getting a:

And this is a mirror I got as part of my Gucci treat! Again a big thank you to my cousin for this present! I can now check out how shimmery I look anywhere I go!

The Chocodrey Shimmery Summer Palette

Thank you for reading :)

Love and Chocolate!