Sunday, February 23

I made a cardboard table | From rubbish to treasure | Chocodrey

I made a cardboard coffe table with my rubbish!

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday I was left with two packaging boxes and challenged myself to make a table out of it. I browsed the Internet to find inspiration and found some amazing stuff. Only problem, no instruction what so ever. So I decided to look at the design and find out how to make something similar. I am pretty proud of the result! What do you think?

Let the music begin...

I don't think that I will bother with a DIY because this took me 8 hours (probably would have taken me 6 if I had instructions) and I am one patient dedicated lady. However, no one in their right mind would do such a thing I believe… This is an achievement so I wanted to share it. This clearly is procrastinating taken to the extreme as I have better things to do. But I wanted a coffee table and now I have one!

It all started with two 120cm x 28cm x 8cm cardboards boxes.

It was a bit of a nightmare figuring out how to proceed. All I had was this picture as inspiration. It is a design from Davis Graas and its made with thicker cardboard than what I had. I made it work…

It took some time but it was amazing to see it come together.

I was left with a lot of debris and decided to do something with that too.

I filled a jar with it, added essential oils and create a pot pourri! 



I love DIY stuff.

Hope you like it!

Love and Chocolate.