Sunday, February 23

London Fashion Week on the eco friendly wagon.

Hello lovelies!

Lets start in music:

This is fashion week season and I went to see what was going on in town to find cool new trends, products and most of all, who is doing what in ethical fashion.

Image by EP Photographies

Thursday evening ((February 13th) I was invited to the press launch of the new FABRYAN AW14 collection at the Strand Gallery in London. FABRYAN is a young London based luxury womenswear and accessories brand with ethical values.

Sophisticated, confident, sensible, feminine and daring, the FABRYAN woman knows her stuff. She is confident, approachable, and vulnerable even but don't be mistaken as in her vulnerability resides her strength. A savant recipe that will effortlessly seduce everyone on her path.

Okay, I have turned editorial crazy but it is not that far fetched. This is my impression and my interpretation of her new collection. I did not have a chance to discover this brand before so I had a look in the gallery to see her previous work and man, I can tell you she has got some serious skills. I cannot believe she is self-taught! Her works looks brilliant. Her "FABRYAN Woman" is impressive.

Image by EP Photographies

During the event I got to meet self-taught designer Samantha Jane, the lady in charge. She managed to put together a great party with entertainment, delicious cupcake, a smiling team who looked happy to be there and a glorious bunch of very interesting individuals working on inspiring projects going from event organising and styling. projects supporting communities as well as new brands.

Image by EP Photographies

This was a really enjoyable event as I got to meet great people and especially a fantastic designer with good ethos: FABRYAN collections are designed and made in the Uk. The brands combines both high-end fashion and social development. Super plus? I left the "La Femme Fatale" event with a bunch of good stuff including a mineral powder by Earthnicity, some Goody Good Stuff candy, a Wolf London voucher, an FTN Believe drink, some hair Sedbergh Soap Company miniatures and a great FABRYAN experience.

 Because I met great people in a comfortable ambiance and discovered a fantastic brand, this event is getting a: