Thursday, October 25

Tip-top-tip-top: How to grow long nails


My new video with tips to grow long nails.

I decided to do this video as I always had trouble growing my nails.
First, I used to bite them.
Then I played piano and I had to keep them short for years.
Finally, I tried to grow them but it never worked.
I recently noticed that its been two moths in a row that my nails are extremely long and that is just NOT NORMAL.
None broke and they all look nice.
Then I realised that this happened at the same time than my growing interest for nail art.
Many time I made some movements that made me think that my nails would brake and they didn't.
I eventually figured it all out.
The secret? Put a Shizzle load of layers of nail polish on your nails!
I usually have minimum 5 layers on top of my nails and I keep it for a week.
On the weekend I remove everything and do a manicure.
I sleep on it and on Sunday I do My nails again with a mountain of nail vanish and not only it lasts for a week, it also fortifies my nails and keep them from breaking and therefore, keep them growing!

Try it and let me know what you think.

Love and Chocolate!