Monday, October 29

Let's Be Social: Random

Dear Readers,

I know, I know, nothing should be random... But, I make an exception. Actually, let's be honest, since I am clumsy, disorganised and love randomness, I will be random and share with you my new profile on this website called She Said Beauty.

You might know it already or if you don't well it's your opportunity to join the blogosphere I guess. I don't know what it's worth really but there seems to be a good dynamic there. Kind of a Mightybell kinda site but with better features. It's a bit messy though. I guess that you got me there, yes, I am not only a debutante Blogger, I am also an intermediate geek...
For now it's getting a:
Check it out and like me, don't be shy. 

Love and Chocolate