Monday, June 25

Nail Art: Pretty Quik Nail Polish Remover Review

Today I want to talk about the Pretty Quick Instant Nail Polish Remover.
The product: A jar containing a sponge moistened with nail polish remover
How to use it: Insert finger into slot in sponge. Twist & polish is removed.[Bla bla messy spill]
"The promise":
  • Manicure on the go
  • Instant Nail polish remover

I bought it two months ago and I have been using it quiet a few times as I love to change my nail polish every week or so. I found it in Boots and thought it was worth a try as I saw a lot of similar products in shops and it seemed fun and easy to use.
Well, I would not recommend this product as I noticed it made all my nails dry and all of them were splitting. At first, I thought it might be due to my food regiment or the fact that I use my hands a lot at work but it was not as I went back to my original nail polish remover the following week and my nails got better but as soon as I used it again, my nails started to split the next day.
Plus, if you use colorful nail vanish, the color stays in the sponge and when you want to use clear nail vanish, your fingers (nails and skin) look colored after using the product and you have to use an other nail polish remover to get rid of the dizzy rainbow of colors happening on your fingers.

Now the promise:
  • Manicure on the go (You have to keep the jar upright, meaning that you can not take it with you in your bag)
  • Instant Nail polish remover (Not true as it take more time than normal nail vanish which you might actually have to use in complement of this product)
To conclude, this product is not doing what it says, plus it is not improving the condition of your nails. Of course this is my opinion and you might have a different experience using this product.

This product is getting a BIG:
Love and Chocolate!