Thursday, February 13

Last minute Valentine's day gifts DIY | Chocodrey

 Hello lovelies!

First thing first. Listen to this. This is French Dope. You are welcome.

 Now, you can read :)

You can use these DIY's for 3 things:

1) Be your own damn Valentine and celebrate how much you are happy about who you are or who you want to be. Even if it's not your day. Take a minute breathe in and make it your day no matter what.

2) Share with friends and eat naughty candy. Enjoy your friends and family. Give them home made presents or chat with them on Skype for 15 minutes. Try to get something positive out of it.

3) Before you go out with your Valentine, or if you stay in and watch the return of House of Cards on Netfflix whilst eating Vimto popcorn and chocolate cake!

Your pick!

Hope you like it :)

Leave me comments if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer where I can!

Love and Chocolate (as always)