Thursday, October 4

Hair experiment: I tried the new Olia Garnier Hair Dye

Hi there!

I dyed my hair yesterday with the new hair dye from Garnier, Olia.
I had some dark roots and i wanted to correct slightly lighten the previous color I had done in my hair a few months ago. Therefore, the application of the product was quiet acrobatic as I had to focus on the roots but not forget to add color on the rest of the hair at the right time and avoid to over process my ends.

I did it and I think it looks great. I used a Blonde shade and I got a warm brown result.
Before doing it I did an allergy test and tested the product on a strand of hair to see what the colour would look like. It was easy as the quantity of colouring cream and the quantity of developing cream are the same so I took 3 grames of each and mixed it to make a mini preparation.

The good points:
It's amazing value for money less than £6.
It smells good.
The texture was nice and easy to brush through while applying the product .
The conditioner is a BOMB (my hair felt amazing afterwards).
The instructions were clear and simple.

Now the bad points:
The gloves are not really good, it's your usual flat platic gloves except that they are black so they are not really comfortable.
The applicator is not that practical and I had to use a colouring brush.

As great as it seems that they allowed a few people to try the product a week before it's launch in various countries, most of the people applying for it did not get the product and let's face it, that was done on purpose. Why? So that all the remaining ladies would run to the drugstore to buy it as soon as it comes out and of course, to get an idea of the type of consumer they are attracting through an online survey. And that is not cool.

Overall for me it was a positive experience (I had a few bad before were my hair turned orange, red or just dried off)

This product is getting a:

Never mind the t-shirts...

 Love and Chocolate!