Tuesday, October 2

TRAVEL: Still scratching my head over this

Last week I went to Geneva for a few days and yes, they love expensive stuff there... I went to Starbucks and spent 9.40 CHF on a large ("Grande") coffee! As of today its exactly: €7.77, £6.21 or $10.

Crazy right. I am still scratching my head over this...

The lake side was beautiful though. Just a piece of advice if you go there with a camera and the hope of taking beautiful pictures, bring your straightening iron because in Geneva, the steamy air will win the frizzy battle with your hair.

If you go there, there and you want to get good value for money, I recommand the Da Paulo Restaurant. It serves the best pizzas in town and the atmosphere is really cosy. Everyone shouts in italian but what do you want, it's Geneva and there are four official languages there...

Love and Chocolate