Sunday, September 16

BB or Beauty Buys: Paris Trip

Last week I was in France where the weather was amazing which put me in an extremely good mood and I could not resist buying these products EVERYONE is talking about.

Well first, let's start with Ciaté Caviar nail polish.There is a huge buzz about this one online at the moment people are going crazy about caviar nail vanish. It is made by a UK company and is a hit among bloggers online. So i decided to give it a try and let me tell you that I liked it but I was slightly disapointed. 

Why? First,I wanted it in black and they only had pink and white in stock in most Sephora shops. The second thing is that it takes ages to apply (about 30 minutes for a complete look). Finally, they say that you have to apply a first coat of color and sprinkle the pearls over your second coat before it dries out, then you have to press to make the pearls stick to your nail but big problem: When you press the pearls onto your nails, even if it is really gentle, the pearls slide into your first coat and get set in there. I find that it does not look good as you can see your nail natural color through the pearls.

I guess that you can get a proper result if you spend a good 50 minutes doing it allowing 15 minutes for the first layer to set in and 30 minutes for the pearls...

I don't know, I wil give it an other try.
Though I do think that if done properly, it can be a great look for a wedding.

This product is getting a:

Now, let's talk about Fame.

Why I love Fame Eau de Parfum by Lady Gaga?
First, because I am gaga about Gaga.
Second, it is black and becomes transparent on your skin.
Theird, it smells good, fresh, young, ALIVE and gives me a happy feeling.
And fourth, I got a free pair of Lady Gaga sunglasses with it when I purshased it from Sephora in Paris!
Now the negative bit: The bottle cap looks cool from far but really cheap from up close. But I guess it's what you can expect when you spend 29€ on a perfume. You can't have it all...

This product is getting a:

Marionnaud treat

 Now I went to Marionnaud, an other selective beauty and cosmetics store where I only bought this nail polish. I was so surprised to see that they were lunching their own nail vanish line (they don't have a makeup range) and even more surprise to see that the tones were extremely resemblant to the one from Essie, I had to ty one. So I bought one which I will call Nude as it blends in perfectly with my skin color. I think the packaging needs work and they could find some fancy names for their colors but the nail polish itself is of good qhality and stays on for a good 5 days.

I went to the shop located in La Defense in the West, just outside of Paris (it is the business area) and I had an amaizing experience as always as I am a regular and got some presents with my purshase including a Nina Ricci Mademoiselle necklace and a gerlain mini scarf.

I think it's great to get little presents like this when you buy cosmetics and I think that I will give them away in a youtube contest soon.

"Bref", this nail polish is getting a:

Ciaté caviar nail polish: 20€
Fame eau de Parfum 30ml : 29€
Marionnaud nail polish: 4.95€

Love and Chocolate!