Friday, October 5

September: One month of fashion

September is one of the most important month -if not the most- of the fashion calendar.
This September Vogue US published its biggest issue ever.
Vogue Paris Changed its formula for a more easy to read "blog like" version following the new online version, way more dynamic and interesting than the previous one.
And it is the start of the fashion week sprint essentially focused on four vibrant cities: New York, London, Milan and Paris. I don't really understand why there is no particular focus on other fashion weeks such as Mexico, Oslo, Madrid Berlin, Hong Kong or even the South Africa Fashion week.
I think it's a bit "snobish" but hey...

So I started September with the vogue fashion night out, an event happening in major cities around the world were you can push the door of some of the most famous fashion houses and enjoy the evening in a great atmosphere.

I can't wait to try the Steampod!
To give you an idea of the ambiance:

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