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Designer inspired Nail Art: Vuitton & KUSUMA

For the pattern you will need:
White, yellow, red and black nail polish
Base and top coat
1 toothpick
A piece of plastic to use as a colour palette.
For the face sticker you will need:
Some sealer tape and scissors
Beige nail polish.

Apply one layer of base coat.
Wait until it’s dry.

Apply two layers of each colour on your nails.
Wait until it’s dry.

Create 4 to 6 big dots using the nail vanish brush directly onto your nail
To create smaller dots, you can put some nail polish on the plastic palette and use the toothpick as a more precise applicator.
To  create the KUSUMA inspired patern, create the dots as follow:
white dots on red black dots on yellow , red dots on white .

Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes (I personally watched New Girl during that time).

You can leave it at that and add some top coat or you can create a face sticker.
If you stop there, please go to the last frame of this tutorial for special advice about applying top coat.

To create a face sticker, apply one or two layers (depending on the opacity of your nail polish) of beige nail polish onto the sealer tape.
Allow 5 minutes to dry.

With the toothpick, draw a face on the tape:

Start with the eyes background by creating 2 black eyes
Add a white dot on the center 
Add a tiny black dot in the center of the white dot
(if you have not noticed by now, this is all about mastering the dot art)
With the red, draw a little mouth.

Little plus: You can try to draw a nose by mixing beige and white and create a little L shape above the mouth (but this step is not really necessary).

Allow to dry.

Cut out the face with scissors and use the toothpick to apply it onto your nail.

To finish the look and seal the sticker to the nail, contour the face with black nail polish to create the black hair bob effect.

Leave to try for a few minutes.

Now, generously apply some top coat.
Be careful though, try to apply it without brushing on the nail too much to avoid the colour smudging.
Would be a shame to ruin all that hard work...


I really like this collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Yayoi Kusuma for Louis Vuitton because I love this artist. She is let's say obsessed with dots and she made that her job. I find it really inspirational, just follow your dreams however crazy they might seem, you might end up in really unexpected places...

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