Saturday, December 27

Pink and black giveaway | Chocodrey

So it's time to do that giveaway thingy I think.
I have had this article ready for months and never published it.
Now how to enter? Well you won't believe this I'm sure but to enter all you need to do is to post a comment in the comment box of this article and basically advertise yourself + fill in the form below so I can contact you when you have won.
I am quite curious to know who you are, if you have a blog or an instagram etc. So whatever it is you have post your link in the comment or in the form, let me know if it is a beauty, lifestyle or just a personal blog. If you don't have a blog, just blast out your name/nickname and let me know what brought you on my page :).

That's it !

Now for the giveaway products, I don't have time to check them all in details (if I do this might take another two weeks). So initially, I numbered everything but now really, the images speak for themselves. If you have any question, please post a comment in the comment box.

You have until January 10th 2015 to enter.

* indicates required

Top image
  1. Kate Moss Lipstick
  2. Bioderma Micellar water
  3. Sephora nail patches
  4. Nail pearls
  5. Mini Guerlain Chiffon Scarf
  6. Sephora Cotton Shower Cream
  7. Mademoiselle Rici Rose Gold-toned Peandant 
  8. and 9. x6 hydrating face cream samples

Middle image
  1. Surprise Gold-tone Bear Crystal Ring
  2. 3D Silver Manicure Set with pearls
  3. Azzaro for men fragrance sample
  4. Guerlain 'Petite Robe Noire' Iphone case
  5. Strawberry Body Butter from the Body Shop

Bottom image
  1. +
  2. +
  3. = Luxury skincare samples
  4. Glamorous Cotton Tote Bag
Ask if you want to know more!

Love and Chocolate

Sunday, December 7

Back to business

Hello lovelies,

It's time to come back.

I left that blog (and a few other things) to rut after getting a new job and it is time to blow on the dust and reopen the book! I have kept a video under wrap for a while and really need to publish it as I feel it might be good to publish it. To be continued...

PSSSsss, it's about hair ;)

Love &Chocolate!


Sunday, July 20



Hello lovelies,

It's hard to keep up with blogging.
I just came back from a show performed by my beloved City Academy musical theater company and it kind of helped me get back in touch with all these things I enjoyed doing when I had more free time. I now have a wonderful job but it is taking most of my time and I find it difficult to do anything else. I am listening to frozen 'let it go' as I write this and it couldn't be more appropriate. It's time I let go of work and I get back to what I enjoy doing which is blogging, sharing tips about hair and ethical fashion and finally, sing and dance my butt off in musical theater troupe. I hope you will stay tunned and I'll see you soon dear reader!

Love and chocolate.


Sunday, April 20

My love affair with musical theatre | Chocodrey

Me, Musical Theatre and Co.

Oye Oye

I might have forgotten to tell you that I am a singer and musical theatre stage artist? Okay, okay, it is at Amateur level but trust me when I tell you that there is nothing amateurish when it comes to the way you feel before getting on the stage of a 400 seater in London.

Here are a few takes from the past productions I was a part of:

On stage at Riverside Studios in London performing The Witches of Eastwick, 2013.

  Backstage fun is the best!

The Ethical Fashion Talk | CHOCODREY

Demystifying ethical fashion.

Hello lovelies!

Here my video explaining what ethical fashion is (for me). I spend a lot of time working on projects to make ethical fashion accessible, easy to understand, and easy to discover with my website and The Selectablestyle Experience. I will talk more about this later. Stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy the video!
Don't hesitate to post comments bellow if you have any question.

Love and Chocolate!