Saturday, December 1

Let It Snow: London Hyde Park WINTER WONDERLAND

SIMPLY MAGICAL!!!!!! Hyde Park Winter Wonderland opened last weekend and I had to go! Last year I went on the last weekend and I really loved it! It is really worth going, whatever the weather the place looks amazing, it his huge and there is a great vibe. We went and stayed 3 hours without doing any of the games!!!(except if you consider trying all
the hot and cold beverages to be a game...) XMAS Market, Rides, Circus, Ice Kingdom, Zip Wire, Live Bands everywhere, Custom Ice-cream,  a CAROUSEL BAR!!!... it's HUGE! GO! It's everything you need to kick-of the chilly winter season!

Did I mention the Ice Ring???!!!

So pretty!!!

A little taster ;)

I kidnapped the German Bar Tender!!! (and kept the glass for home :)

Love & Chocolate!