Monday, June 18

Ouiouioui, I tried the Brazilian Blow dry

So I tried La Brasiliana Brazilian blow dry at home, on my own…well let me tell you that it took me ages! First I had to shampoo my hair twice (10 minutes), then I had to blow dry my hair (an other 40 minutes), apply the keratin treatment (a good 50 minutes), blow dry my hair again (60 minutes) and finally, flat iron my hair (1h20 minutes, bringing it down to 4 long and hot hours from all the smoke and steam in the room).

What they tell you with this kind of treatment is that you can’t wash, wet or attach your hair for 4 days but what they don’t tell you is HOW? I mean, Hello…if I have to straigten my hair it is obviously because they are not naturally straight meaning that when I go to sleep, there is no way my hair will not frizz if I don’t find a way to somehow attach or wrap them. So OBVIOUSLY, my hair looked a bit funny on the last 2 days as they kept the mark of the elastic band. Apart from that, they were straight and I was looking forward to washing them to see the result as the reason I did all this in the first place was to get less volume and more manageability allowing me to wear my hair natural more often.

I noticed breakage so I went to the hairdresser to have a hair cut and he washed my hair L. When I saw the result in the mirror it looked like it did not work at all so once I was back at home, I did a quick treatment again few days later.

Now my hair feels healthier and I will see how it looks like when I wash it in a few days. 

So far this product is getting a: